monday (7).jpg I recently got into a bit of an argument about motivation. I told folks that I don't motivate people to work out at Formosa Fitness. Not directly anway. And that got interpreted in the worst way.

Fact is, motivation is way over-rated.

Don't feel motivated today? No kidding. Join the rest of the world.

You don't just sit there on the couch and then one day feel terribly motivated to go out and do an intense exercise program. Just not gonna happen.

Instead I focus on setting habits. Why? Because you can depend on habits. Habits are what YOU DO, they aren't based on how YOU FEEL. Motivation is mental and largely based on emotion. Notice, "I don't FEEL motivated today." I don't care how you feel. I care what you do. If you only workout when you feel motivated, you'll get no where.

This is why I tell everyone to work out a minimum of three days a week. Otherwise you're just wasting time. Come to class three times a week and we'll get you results. Make that your habit.

Jack Lalanne, the famous fitness guru who recently died at the age of 96, said, "Fitness is a lifestyle. It’s something you do for the rest of your life. How long are you going to keep on breathing? How long are you going to keep eating? You just do it."

Get off the feeling merry-go-round and start getting results by making fitness a habit.

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