IMG_0539.JPG We have to be very careful that we don't let one or two exercises upset the balance of our workouts. This happens especially with beginners. They don't know their capacities yet, so they go gung ho over the first one or two exercises then find themselves unable to continue. That's ultimately not a very productive way to workout.

Think of a cannon on a battleship. When the cannon is fired, the ship is fine because it's made of steel and is sturdy. But when you fire a cannon from a canoe, the canoe gets sunk as soon as it fires. The platform can't support the action.

The main problem is that strengthening the whole is impossible without addressing the component parts. The whole IS the sum of those parts so if the parts are all weak, then individual attention will have to be paid to each one. The problem then becomes one of choice -- you have to pick some things to work on today and leave the rest for later. Otherwise the person would collapse if you chose to work everything while emphasizing each part. It just gets too overwhelming.

So break things down first or put them together first and work from general to specific. But always know which is which!

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