Catch the first episode of this show if you can. The problem with our food is institutionalized at this point, as the show clearly illustrates. And frankly the institutions are the enemy. They don't want change, they don't want you to know what's in the food, they've been lying to you and manipulating the process from the beginning. The only way for you to take control of your health is to opt out of the system wherever you can. Educate yourself about what you're eating, about what you're putting into your body everyday.

When you watch the first episode, you'll get introduced to "pink slime." This is a central ingredient to all ground beef. It's beef "parts" that have been cleaned with ammonia to kill the bacteria. Is ammonia on the ingredient list for ground beef? Absolutely not. Why not? Becasue the powers that be don't want you to know it's in there, so you don't. And there you go. They'll make your decisions for you. But education empowers you. When you know what's in it, you can make a choice NOT to eat it. And that's what this is all about.

Please watch and support this show!


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