Weight: 82kg Body fat: 16.5% Muscle: 39.9%

I took a break from blogging everyday to let the story unfold. I'm busting butt in the gym and all my major lifts have gone up as have pullups. I've stuck to the diet and after only two weeks, I'm seeing solid results.

So far: 2.5kg lost and down 2% body fat in two weeks!!! I also GAINED muscle up from 37.7% to 39.9%!!!

Here are the pics:

front 3-07.jpg

Notice right away that the love handles are going away. I was shocked. I thought they'd still be there. And no, you can't suck in love handles, LOL.

back 3-07.jpg

My wife suggested a back shot because she says she can definitely notice that my back is getting broader. She mentioned "two bumps" on my traps that weren't there before. Haha. Traps coming in. The back love handles are the hardest to lose. I'm coming for you!!!!!

side 3-07.jpg

Side is still good. Compare this to last week.

breakfast 3-07.jpg

So anyone thinking I'm starving myself, here's breakfast and this has been pretty standard lately: 2 eggs, and a serving of meat (usually leftovers from the night before), and a coffee with artifical sweetener. The sweetener is a choice I made. The brown sugar I was using was adding calories and I want to tighten that up. You choose what you use. This keeps me going all morning.

I just got back from two hours in the gym and I feel great. Looking at possibly walking some this afternoon if I get the chance.

It seems to me that at this point I might have what I need to do figured out. Let's see!

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