Weight: 83.1kg bodyfat 17.3%

Training: Bench 82.5kg 5, 90kg: 5,5,5,4,4 felt great!

pullups: 9,7,6x5,4=50

OH press 70kg 2,2,1 65kg 3,3

BB Row 60kg 6 65kg 6 70kg 6,6

STX suspension trainer combo: 20 chest press/15 low rows/10 tri ext./10 curls x4

Workout time: 65:00

Walked fast pace for 60:00

Diet: 2 eggs, 3 pieces of lean pork, medium coffee with brown sugar

lunch: 4 veggies, 2 and half meat servings, medium Ovaltine after workout but before walk


This is what lunch looked like. I go to the local buffet and get only veggies and meats. Sure, the meats aren't super lean but I'm convinced this is much healthier in the long run than other choices. My carbs come from the veggies, I don't get rice with this usually. So this is one way I get lots of protein in my diet even while in Taiwan. Find a good buffet. They are very convenient.

Today I want to mention the principles behind what I'm doing because most people aren't aware of them. The nutrition aspect of what I'm doing comes from Precision Nutrition and specifically the G-flux articles that Dr. Berardi has written. So what is G-flux?

Your typical dieter does something like this: eat 1500 calories - burn 2000= -500 calories per day burned

This sounds great and all but it doesn't work well. Why not? Imagine taking gas out of your car and then trying to drive it faster. Not smart, is it? Now here's the idea behind G-flux: eat 3000 calories - burn 3500= -500 calories burned per day.

Both diets give you a caloric deficit but look at the amount of calories eaten in the two equations.

Now ask yourself this: what could you do with 3000 vs. 1500 calories? A lot, right?

Imagine the muscle you could build. Imagine how much more fiber you could get. Imagine the vitamins and minerals. And imagine NOT being hungry and miserable all the time. Sounds good, right?

That's what this diet offers. Yeah, you have to work out a lot. Yes, you have to be smart about your nutrition, eat lots of protein, and not deviate from a plan. But this is a MUCH smarter, more effective way to lose fat and/or gain muscle at the same time. Click here for some crazy results.

I had a great workout today and was excited to be in the gym. I've gone to the gym on little to no calories and it's terrible. I've had the hunger pains at night and denied myself food because I was already over my calorie limit for the day. The Precision Nutrition way should avoid all that and it has so far. I'm setting PRs and watching the fat go down. It feels great.

BTW, here's an audio interview by the authors of a great book New Rules of Lifting for Women. They talk about a similar strategy for women and suggest a minimum 2000 calories diet to do the hard workouts in the book.

This is the athletic way to lose fat vs. the starve and cardio yourself that everyone wrecks their health with. Let's see how it goes.

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