Weight: 83.5kg body fat: 17.4% Dropped 1kg (2.2lbs.) in one week. Happy about that.

Training: a disaster, squat 80kg 5x10

single leg deadlift 2x20kg 5L/Rx4

swing ladder 20kg 1-8

jump rope 1000x in sets of 100

bike 10:00 100 cal. burned

Trained on an empty stomach this morning and had zero energy. Won't do that again. I squatted 135kg for reps last time and this time, 100kg felt like a ton.

So here I am in all my...... ugh.......Hide the kids.


This is all of a smile I could muster today. No breakfast and no coffee before working out make Dave a dull boy. Notice the fat around the waist, especially on the sides.


I'm actually happier with this one. The weight I lost this week appears to have come off the store of abdominal fat under my abs first. That's a good sign IMO. I deleted the pic of my pinching the love handles. Everyone has their limits and that pic exceeded mine. Sorry.

I can't believe I have pictures of me without my shirt on on the net. This is a sign of how dedicated I am to doing this because as most of you know, this is not me! I'm not the type to put pics like this up. But I want accountability and I will accept no excuses from myself. This body will improve!!!

See you tomorrow!!

Update: won't let a bad workout slow me down. I did another one this afternoon and broke some PRs:

100 air squats in 2:04, new PR

100 Burpees in 8:34, new PR

5 reverse crunches/5 leg thrusts x5

10 jackknives/10 russian twists/:30 plank x5

4:00 Tabata mountain climbers, made it all the way through.

Replacing a bad daily workout with a better one in the afternoon was a great choice! Live and learn!

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