Weight 84.0kg and body fat 17.9%

So a slight increase from yesterday but no big deal.

This morning my wife got up to find me doing an Insanity DVD. Gotta get in the morning sweat. I did 45:00 and was happy with that.

The reason I didn't do kettlebells, heavy weights, STX suspenion trainer, circuits, etc. was I just spent 5 days straight doint that stuff. I wanted something I never do and Insanity fit the bill nicely. Good back up workout. Please feel free to recommend any others!


So a while back, I uploaded this photo as a role model for more local women to follow. She's called "Iron Barbie" in Chinese (金剛芭比) and she's unique here. Someone made a comment that really struck me, "She's obviously put a lot of work into her body." I just stopped when I read that because it's true -- she has worked hard and has a lot to show for it. She looks great. Many of us functional trainers are working hard and have good movement skills but the work we're doing isn't always so obviously noticable. That's a problem. She's a walking billboard if she's a trainer. Am I a walking billboard? Maybe for Pillsbury. :)


I remember top trainer JC Santana going through a mid life crisis a few years back and he questioned the functional fitness he was known so well for. IIRC he decided to clean himself up, lose weight, and added back in some bodybuilding training that he had rejected in the past. His body responded very well to it probably because it was so different from the functional training he had been doing so much. After he dropped the weight, he had a new take on training. Select the tools needed from the functional OR bodybuilding or whatever to get the job done. It's a more balanced approach.

I let myself go from functionally fit to functionally fat because I wasn't paying attention. So it bit me in the butt.

I wonder how many other functional trainers are in this predicament?

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