I could make a video of my doing burpees but I can promise I won't be as pleasant to look at as Suzanna.

This makes for a good challenge for most anyone. Try doing them in sets of 10 and then doing one set every minute. Rest for the rest of the minute and start again at the top of the minute. If that's too slow for you then just go for it. This makes a great at home workout, you only need one movement, and it takes no equipment. You can work up to this by doing sets of 5 and taking as long as you need in between sets. Recover about 80% (don't recover 100% because you want to learn to work through fatigue) and then do another set. Another way to build up is set a countdown timer to 10:00 and just see how many you can do in that time. Do this 1-2x a week until you can do 100 and then try doing them for time. This burns fat like a blowtorch!! My time is 9:46 for 100. What's yours?

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