One of my favorite coaches has a great line: the goal of training is to keep the goal the goal.

So people have this goal of gaining 5kg of muscle and they want to do 3-4 hour runs as part of a plan to gain muscle. Wait! What?!?!???

Then there's the guy that wants to run a marathon, increase his flexibility, gain 2-3kg of muscle, and wants to know what the kettlebell can do for him. You have got to be kidding me.

Finally maybe someone does water sports so they want to train everything on an unstable surface, except for the fact that they need to lose 30lbs. first. So what gives?

People have an amazingly hard time focusing on one, single, solitary goal at a time. Pick ONE THING and one thing only and go for it. When you get it, you can go for something else. But when you go for something else, expect that first thing you got to decrease. And if you're not ready to accept this fact, then you aren't ready for the training. Attaining multiple goals is completely futile until you've attained one.

But this laser-like focus is sooooooooooo hard for people to do. One thing, folks. Just one. Yes, completely ignore the mass media with their lies that you can be a stud with the ladies, a millionaire, have a great family, be in perfect physical shape, etc. all at the same time. Not gonna happen. You want something? Then be prepared to sacrifice elsewhere.

The ability to sacrifice requires maturity. It means not being a kid in a candy store any more and that's not popular in our forever immature society.But then that's why so few people really succeed at anything.

Think it over carefully.

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