Not bad for a guy about to turn 40. That was just over a pound of muscle A WEEK for FOUR WEEKS! Am I excited? Yes, I am!

This was as good or even better than anything I did in my 20's but of course, I wasn't a bad boy trainer back then (okay, still working on the bad boy part).

I'm doing this because it's very important to me personally and it's a professional goal as well. I need to be able to get quick mass gains for clients as well as fat loss and I'm going through the process myself to work out the kinks. This is how I learn and figure things out for clients.

And you heard it here first: this is going to be HUGE. Functional mass gain will be a big thing in the next few years. Gaining lean muscle mass can improve your life in so many ways -- especially for men. As guys get older, testosterone production declines along with muscle mass, and there goes the sex drive, quality of life, and then hello to a bunch of disease risk factors.

Functional mass gain has the potential to greatly increase health and fitness for older men!!!

Plus, it improves your apperance. What's not to like?

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