Here we go yet again.

So a study showed a certain percentage of people not only don't benefit from exercise, it actually made them LESS FIT?!?!?!?


So let's see:

-- no dicussion of diet at all. Apparently that isn't important, eh?

-- no mention of the exercises done or not done. Because obviously deadlifting 1000lbs. and picking up a 1lbs. weight is all the same, right?

-- working out TWICE A WEEK. Wow, love the intensity there.

-- giving average people every excuse to sit on their couches and do nothing and then having the nerve to say, "But we don't want people to take this as meaning to not exercise." Idiots. That's exactly how I'd take it if I didn't know better.

And now you have reason one million and one why I tend to ignore "research."

Here's a story. I took graduate research for my masters degree and I had to do a big research project. But after four months, I came to the conclusion that there was no positive coorelation between the two variables I studied. My professor admitted that this was what real research was about. Looking at two or more things and asking questions. But he then shocked me by admitting that if NO correlation is found, that in reality that could get you in a LOT of hot water. Research money and time is spent so you BETTER find something. That is the exact opposite of the meaning of research.

So we get published reports of garbage studies like this that not only don't help, they hurt the field.

Don't be blown this way or that based on a newspapar article.

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