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Let's get this straight: You DO NOT KNOW something because you read about it or heard about it. You KNOW something because you've lived it, experienced, or can actually DO IT.

It's the difference between book learnin' and wisdom. We have far too many people that think because they read about something that they "know" it and they don't. Theory is mostly BS. About 90% of it. There, I said it. Science? Mostly worthless without context. But people like to play with science and theory because they can make it an endless debate and not have to show any actual results. Try meeting some of these Internet experts sometimes and look at their abilities and results. They rarely have any.

That's because theory is safe. It's intellectual. It's just cerebral so we can construct it all in our heads and play in make-believe land. Things look very different when the rubber hits the road.

The scientists I read are practicioners as well or I don't read them at all. Those guys have the best of both worlds at their disposal. They know that theory is only useful when it's applied. Application shows the shortcomings. Application leads to WISDOM and wisdom is in extremely short supply in our societies.

If you want to KNOW, then practice what you preach. Don't be a stuffed shirt. The real knowledge you gain along the way will pay off in a million ways you never expected.

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