I need to make one thing clear: trainers that want to join our kettlebell cert should look more at our youtube page. We've done something that no other cert has done: made the process almost completely transparent. The clips below show exactly what you need to do to pass and for how long. Nothing is held back. If you can do the techniques below like that for that length of time, you'll very likely pass (I omitted squat, clean and overhead rack for the sake of brevity).

I'm not one to change techniques all the time and surprise participants with something new. I don't think that's fair to the coaches and trainers. I want to help you succeed as much as possible by keeping the techniques basic and consistent, and testing coaches for a fair but useful amount of time. With that in mind, smart trainers that want to join will study the following clips carefully to look at what they need to do to succeed. 



Clean and Press


Push Press

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