Our gym is a reflection of our values and thinking. We have a strong dislike for the clutter and useless equipment in modern gyms. Those aspects of this thinking came across clearer to me in the recent pictures of the new gym than in anything else I've experienced recently.

Look at the picture above. Notice the dark green tiles offset by the lighter green walls. Notice the simplicity of the equipment and the ample space that cuts right down the middle of the gym. The space is small yet the possibilities created within the openness are infinite.

Machines and other useless equipment become distractions for the mind. We suffer from too many choices. Do I use the neck machine today? How about the hip flexor machine? The leg curl? All those choices cause the mind to become confused. What's useful and what's not? And look, the gym just got a new piece of equipment. I wonder what it does?

In the midst of all this physical clutter we lose space for the body to move. More, more, more. Where is the freedom and beauty of movement? Is that allowed any more? We allow our fitness purchases to crowd our space preventing movement. Shouldn't fitness tools increase movement and therefore fitness options?

Simplify. Simplify your space. Simplify your tools. Simplify your routine.

Get back to the basics, emphasize quality of motion, and allow the mind to calm.

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