Weight: 83.2kg body fat: 17.2%

Yesterday was a cheat day by accident. I slept poorly for three hours so I had two breakfasts -- one was a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. So carbs in the morning. I then had my customary two scarmbled eggs around 8am. I ate a great burger with onion rings and a soda for lunch, had my usual healthy and PN compliant dinner, but then had a small ice cream for dessert. I also had two large protein shakes yesterday. Result?

I killed it in the gym today!

I worked out for two hours including an hour and half of heavy weights and 30 minutes of metcon and I left feeling super. Wasn't even fatigued. My work capacity is going through the roof. So today I had Subway after my workout (also PN compliant, have carbs AFTER working out). I got the large steak and cheese on whole wheat with extra meat and cheese. Great!

Looking forward to walking an hour this afternoon.

Days like today let me know I'm on the right track.

So what's keeping me going?

1. multi vitmain, fish oil in huge amounts, and whey protein every day.

2. Good quality 8 hours of sleep (except yesterday)

3. massive amounts of water. I'm up to 4500ml on some days.

4. PN compliant diet with lots of protein

5. smart exercise selection with enough variety to not exhaust any one thing

6. my tennis ball routine I use to get the kinks out of my muscles

So there are some tips for anyone wanting to get serious. You have to get a plan in place and stick to it. Plus, you need your support system and the above six things are a great start.

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  • Hi Dave

    Been following your blog for a while now... very inspiring.

    Can you elaborate some more on the tennis ball routine? One of my major sticking points is tightness causing bad form and poor posture... i'll give anything a go that can help

    All the best,
  • formosafitness
  • Stan, thanks for that. i think some of the risks they list are a bit overblown. But i did notice a dramatic drop in blood pressure last time I went for a health check. And i mean dramatic.

    I have started cutting back. I do think I'm taking to much but my joints have healed up nicely and perhaps the fish oil contributed to that. I'll likely still be above 3gm a day but a lot lower than i was.

  • formosafitness
  • Andy, I'll get a clip of the tennis ball routine up soon. Please be on the lookout for it!