Weight: 83.5kg body fat: 17.4% Dropped 1kg (2.2lbs.) in one week. Happy about that.

Training: a disaster, squat 80kg 5x10

single leg deadlift 2x20kg 5L/Rx4

swing ladder 20kg 1-8

jump rope 1000x in sets of 100

bike 10:00 100 cal. burned

Trained on an empty stomach this morning and had zero energy. Won't do that again. I squatted 135kg for reps last time and this time, 100kg felt like a ton.

So here I am in all my...... ugh.......Hide the kids.


This is all of a smile I could muster today. No breakfast and no coffee before working out make Dave a dull boy. Notice the fat around the waist, especially on the sides.


I'm actually happier with this one. The weight I lost this week appears to have come off the store of abdominal fat under my abs first. That's a good sign IMO. I deleted the pic of my pinching the love handles. Everyone has their limits and that pic exceeded mine. Sorry.

I can't believe I have pictures of me without my shirt on on the net. This is a sign of how dedicated I am to doing this because as most of you know, this is not me! I'm not the type to put pics like this up. But I want accountability and I will accept no excuses from myself. This body will improve!!!

See you tomorrow!!

Update: won't let a bad workout slow me down. I did another one this afternoon and broke some PRs:

100 air squats in 2:04, new PR

100 Burpees in 8:34, new PR

5 reverse crunches/5 leg thrusts x5

10 jackknives/10 russian twists/:30 plank x5

4:00 Tabata mountain climbers, made it all the way through.

Replacing a bad daily workout with a better one in the afternoon was a great choice! Live and learn!

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  • Braver or dumber? LOL. Still can't believe I'm doing this. My wife said she'd hit her goal first and post pics too but I said that posting the pics will motivate you to hit the goal in the first place. Amazing what pics show, isn't it? There's no fooling yourself into thinking you look okay when the pics don't lie.

    Good luck and I'll follow your progress on your blog.